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The Ten Commandments

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“Get Out”

​I do not watch thrillers.  When I was 5 my mom dropped my sister, who was 6, and me off at the movie theatre.  It was 1957.  I watched “I Married A Monster From Outer Space.”  My night terrors were so severe that my mom had me visiting a psychotherapist for a year.  Nevertheless, I still avoid thrillers.  But, “Get Out” is more than a thriller.  The underlining message reveals the...

Thinking Progressively

Fundamentalism Disarms Capacity for Critical Thinking

​It’s not over.  It’s only just begun.  Christopher Douglas, Professor of English at the University of Victoria, writes a profound and eye-opening article in Religion Dispatches that will “keep you awake at night” wondering how it is possible for this nation to redeem truth telling as a valued, essential, moral human endeavor  In Christopher Douglas’ article,“The Religious Origins of Fake News And ‘Alternative Facts,’ he describes...


What Does The Lord Require Of Me?

​There is a collective voice building across the world.  This is the voice of justice.  Her roar has reawakened, as history has shown, during approaching times of radical injustice.  Rachel Rosenthal, a PhD candidate in Rabbinic Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary, and writer for Tablet Magazine, says in her article, Reconciling Political Protest And The Day Of Rest In The Era Of Trump, “Like keeping Shabbat, speaking out against...

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